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 What has been done on the forum since it's release. What is coming soon.

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PostSubject: What has been done on the forum since it's release. What is coming soon.   19th December 2017, 6:27 pm

hello everyone;

   As you might already know, the forum isn't yet completely finished; in fact, it will never be as I don't want to finish it until it's perfect, says a lot.

  So, first, what has been updated;

[Edit: Also there's a chat box now]
         -If I did it right, we must have a notification each time avatar is on stage as every dates has been painfully written one by one in the calendar.
          -You can now visualise the last video clip of Avatar on the main page of the forum, and the playlist doesn't just automatically start jamming without your consent.
          -In fact the playlist now contains every Avatar music on display by deezer; it's just ranked by popularity.
          -you have now access to a specific part of the forum to talk about the last releases an the former albums.
          -You are now able to put on some beautiful avatars, not only Avatar if you want (get it? avatar, Avatar...? I'm funny common!), just don't think it's 4chan k? recommended size of 200x400px

"But it seems that I already have an avatar with the cute little face of mah Swedish boï"

Now, what I'm still working on:

        -Working on some little messages icons so that you can see what you are doing.
         -I still have no idea on how to put the metal break podcast in a simple, cute looking way, that's annoying.
         -I need to update the profile code, the one given by the platform is ugly.
         -I'm looking for some partnership to help the forum growing a little bit more so that you guys can interact with new people.
         -Might end up hiring a slave to help me code a news feed that would show the official twits, instagrams, facebooks and youtube from every members of the group, so that we can stalk them properly. I MEAN be informed on the new policies and the stade of the curent conflict going on with the dissidents troops.

Now if there is any complain about the program or what has already been done, you can contact me below that post, or by e-mail, or by skype.

Have a nice day! But don't forget that the King wants you, and the forum Needs you.

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What has been done on the forum since it's release. What is coming soon.
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